Hi, my name is Scott Parsons and I am an Experience Architect and Service Design consultant working in London.

My work experience and motivation

I have worked as both a lead designer, architect or head of department at many roles in many industries. My experience allows me to understand the roots of a problem and solve it quickly and well. I am experienced with engaging business and product leaders and combining business requirements with customer needs to create superior experiences. I have worked in many aspects of design including mobile, desktop, web, service design, industrial and interaction design. I have had significant experience leading teams and mentoring juniors as they gained proficiency at their roles.

Life outside work

I also love photography and film and bring my understanding of composition and storytelling to my professional life. In the past I made short films and did stand up comedy. These days I am more likely to watch than to perform, but I still like to keep up with what's new.


Here is a selection of projects and documents I have worked on. Go to the full portfolio page to see more.

A brief snapshot of what I do

Experience strategy

Contrasting customer and business needs and combining them to serve both groups positively while discovering opportunities for success

Stakeholder engagement

Analysing business requirements, capabilities, and appetite to devise a strategic roadmap for achieving stakeholder targets and customer goals

Customer paths concepting

Creating site paths, process flows, concept models, and simple or complex prototypes to simulate the desired customer experience

Experience storytelling

Using personas, scenarios and journeys to communicate fulfilment and facilitate understanding of customer and business needs

Interface definition

Creating wireframes and prototyping to demonstrate details of desired customer experience design for communication with developers and stakeholders

Test and iterate

Testing designs with actual customers, analytics, and business feedback. Then interpreting the feedback and iterating design accordingly

Contact & Personal

Contact details

Here are my contact details, please feel free to contact me and I shall try to respond as quickly as possible.