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A component level process flow.

This is an example of a component level process flow describing a user's journey through a component.

The project engagement

A central component of a competition website was the mechanics of the quiz, which was to be done in the style of an educational tool, this process flow maps how the user interacts with the quiz questions


The nature of this quiz was that users could not get a question incorrect. If they selected an incorrect answer they would be told why that was an incorrect answer and encouraged to select again. This meant that we had to design a pleasant way to do this without making the user's experience too annoying. This process flow was developed to demonstrate to clients and developers a simple yet definitive path for user's to take


This design was accepted by the client and developed, the competition itself reached its goal numbers of entrants in half the time alotted making it a success

Tools used

  • Pencil sketches
  • Omnigraffle