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BT packaging & setup instructions

Addressing the customer problems with setup of equipment and services

Example packaging for BT products

Project overview

We examined data and customer feedback to identify and fix some problems with the early customer experience.

Understanding the problem

While working for BT Business we examined our NPS scores for the "Get" phase of our customer orders and discovered some concerns with poor scores, and comments. Our analysis revealed that there was definitely some room for improvement so we performed some preliminary research of the friction points in the customer journey and commissioned several projects to improve it. This review revealed several problems with uneven packaging and messaging.

We proposed a complete service design project to improve our packaging, to coincide with a major product launch. We worked closely with the product owner to understand what was possible, including a major review of enviromental concerns with packaging.

Research and design

As part of a larger program we worked with Brand, Marketing and Digital teams to ensure we were complying with established design systems and then took our designs to our customers iteratively with initial prototypes followed by a full diary study of new packaging alongside new messaging and onboarding assets.

Each stage of design was preceded by customer research to help us undertand what our customers needed from our packaging culminating in a diary study which saw 12 customers and colleagues receive new orders of our equipment and to share how the packaging and messaging effected their installation. 

Delivery and results

Following the diary study, final changes were made to the designs and the packaging was added to the new product trials. Along the projects path we measured customers acceptance and delight with the evolving designs, and when launched we used trials surveys to understand how the new designs worked. Overall 83% of study participants had a positive experience with setup, and 100% of our triallists gave us positive feedback

Tools used

  • Pencil sketches
  • NPS & verbatims, sentiment surveys, cmpetitor analysis, Diary study
  • Adobe Illustrator & Indesign
  • HTML prototyping