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A research led complete redesign of the website and connected services.


Project overview

The cooperative bank wanted to redesign their retail banking website in order to compete with the other banks in their marketplace. They engaged us to look at their current website talk to their audience and then design a new better performing site.

Project details

My role was as a UX and service design consultant throughout the project from the research phases until the delivery of documentation. I worked closely with the planner, creative director, digital designer, user testing consultants and of course the client representative and stakeholders.

Project process

We started the project doing user research including surveys, desk research and interviews. THis was followed by a concepting phase and finally a design phase. We worked very closely with the client and had several cycles of iteration, testing and feedback.


Our initial research led us to change our initial focus and concentrate on making a site that would appeal to our user base. This meant embracing simplicity of design, and making sure whichever platform the user was on they were able to experience the story we wanted them too.


The resulting designs and stye guides were enthusiastically received by the client.

Tools used

  • Pencil sketches
  • Paper prototyping
  • omnigraffle
  • HTML prototyping